About Us

Mark M. Industrial Factory - External

A wholly owned Australian company, we are specialised manufacturers and repairers of many components, trailers, sleds, mechanical seals and many other industry standard and custom made equipment used in the mining industry.

Our expertise has made us an industry leader within Australia - with the development of many new applications and components.

SAI Global Quality Endorsement in effect from 2007.


Mark M. Industrial was established 28 years ago.

The current owners purchased the company in October 2001.

Our Future

Management has a strategic policy to ensure Mark M. Industrial will continue evolving, improving and expanding.

Clients will benifit with improvements in productivity levels and reductions in equipment downtime. A focus on quality control in all aspects of the business will play a major part in the company's future.

Procurement costs within the coal industry have historically been high; Mark M. Industrial is determined to achieve substantial reductions in procurrement costs through alliances with our suppliers and by investigating alternative sources for goods and services.

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